Reusable Produce Bags Organic Cotton - Set Of 9

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Choose our Reusable Produce Bags and be a part of the zero waste movement! EcoRoots reusable produce bags are washable and made of natural, sustainable, biodegradable organic cotton. Tare weight marked on each bag.

Our set of 9 includes :

1 x Small Bulk Bag 8" x 10"

1 x Medium Bulk Bag 10" x 13"

1 x Large Bulk Bag 12" x 16"

2 x Small Mesh Bags 7" x 9"

2 x Medium Mesh Bags 9" x 12"

2 x Large Mesh Bags 12" x 14"

Perfect for shopping, our bags can be used to carry and store your fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also use them to store and organize your cosmetics, kids toys, medicine, jewelry and more!

Made in USA

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