Due Gondole, Film Photography by Bill Wierzalis

Due Gondole, Film Photography by Bill Wierzalis

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Due Gondole

As the gondole were rising up and down, I shot a whole roll of film to get the composition I wanted. Just the tip of one touching the other. No cropping, with the simple geometric top half and fluid, liquid bottom and the gondolas floating between the two.

Dimensions: 8"x10"

Printed in USA

About the Artist:

Shooting with my 1972 Nikkormat 35 mm camera, I embrace the lost art of film processing and printing. I’m keeping it alive by teaching a beginning and an advanced class of color film printing at Full Circle Fine Art Services in Baltimore. With so much digital imagery in the world, my students love the slowness of this hands on process and the mystery of the darkroom.

I’ve been fortunate to share my images and stories with many at art festivals and quite a few ask, “Do you only do photographs from Italy?” I’ll mention that I also have images of Baltimore and when I show them photos of Mt. Vernon Place, they’ll say; “Oh, I thought that was Paris!” 

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